Jeff Koons, Metalic venus


Jeff Koons, Metalic venus

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Culture Night Schedule

For all those foolish enough to care, here’s the list of events I’m going to attempt to attend tonight, Friday 19th September, the one and only culture night.

(These are listed in the order I intend to visit, not a rating)

First Fab Lab; recommendation 

On a personal note, if you’re in anyway familiar with my own practice as an artist you may wonder why this will be my first time going into FabLab. I wonder the same thing myself.

The space always seems to be packed with people, busily hunched over computers, presumably designing the future. For those of you not familiar with what a Fab Lab is, it’s an international phenomenon of small scale fabrication laboratories. They utlitise 3D printing for creative types, and offer cheap classes for the general public.

Second Limerick Printmakers;

Similarly focused on spreading technical skills to the general public, albeit a more familiar set of skills, Limerick Printmakers has a famously chilled out atmosphere. The space is likely to be packed.

Third, the one and only Ormston House;

Ok, as a gallery assistant at Ormston House I MAY be somewhat biased. Opening the annual graduate award exhibition, Ormston House is one of the few venues offering previously unseen art for the public. The graduates were selected from LSAD (Limerick School of Art and Design) by an outside curator, and had a year long to produce new work for tonight. Both Celeen Mahé and Fiona Sherlock will be exhibiting top class work, not to be missed.

Fourth LCGA;

Curated by Mary Conlon, “Proto-types” a solo exhibition by Denis McNulty is coming to an end. Make sure to attend tonight if you haven’t already caught the show of this important Irish artist!

Upstairs viewers are treated to a strong display from artist Ewa Partum. Partum’s performance art touches on themes of feminism, and political resistance.

Fifth Rat Hole

Curated by Seán Guinan and Eilish ‘Bob’ Murrihy, Rat Hole presents works from present and past members of Wickham Street Studios. It’s impossible to discuss the arts in Limerick without repeatedly stumbling upon past and present members of Wickham street- Wickham is one of the critical arts spaces of Limerick, completely artists run and punching above it’s weight. Wickham shows don’t get the funding other exhibitions do, and it’s partially due to it’s outsider status that Wickham has always attracted the freshest talent, and up-and-coming artists.

Last but not least, Street Line Critics;

SLC through writing with chalk on the street, provides, “these impermanent monuments to the everyday, they are drawing attention to these spaces which belong to all of us”. This long running project has built quite a reputation, and a following, which considering the impermanent nature of it’s means is quite a feat. I’d love to meet some of the Street Line Critics, let’s hope the terrible weather doesn’t prevent that from happening.

Side Note;

I’d love to make it too Contact Studios but the distance, weather and time constraints are making that unlikely! Best of luck!

Hopefully my SD card will hold out, and video’s of the exhibition will be available here;



Great day painting. Really interested in images I’ve found of perfectly blue, partially empty skies. There’s a poetic blankness. It’s cool, and open. It’s vast, and empty.


Great day painting. Really interested in images I’ve found of perfectly blue, partially empty skies. There’s a poetic blankness. It’s cool, and open. It’s vast, and empty.

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Robert (acrylic glass) by Dieter Detzner


Robert (acrylic glass) by Dieter Detzner

Anonymous said: what is the source for the surveillance streaming you mention in your post for your first gif (i can't include the link). i'm pretty sure i've visited the site before but i've lost the link

Can find a lot here on reddit -

I like and there was another website which was my favourite but I’ve lost the link unfortunately!!

Good luck. You make any art from this?- I’d be curious to see it if you did.